Did you ever imagine you’d be working as many hours as you do when you first started your business?

When I started out as a virtual assistant providing business support it was because I wanted the flexibility to work around my family. I have a set number of hours I work, a number of paid client hours and a number to work on my business.

Free up your time so you can reach your goals. Clocks

But when we first start out most of us don’t have the funds to get help and therefore we have to be every department there is in a business – typically admin, operations, research and product development, marketing and sales,  customer service, and accounting and finance, and IT. Oh and don’t forget business development!!!

That’s a lot of hats to wear for one person! But we have to do this. Initially!

I launched my business providing business support in June 2018 and did as much as I could with the years of experience I’d built up from my previous corporate roles. It’s been a steep learning curve and things never go as expected, do they? There were all these different admin tasks to consider as well as getting some clients in.

Sometimes things can get so overwhelming with all the admin we have to do and before you know it you’re working all the hours god sends, working into the night, you end up tired, and you get frustrated with yourself if you don’t get things done, as much as you might plan. It also takes its toll on your family.


From the many people I speak to it seems that they’ve got so many admin tasks to do and they get in the way of them doing what they like doing, meeting their goals and making money! At the end of the day this is why you set up your business, isn’t it? To do the stuff you love to do and to earn enough money to live a great life.

Here are some of the things I hear that are stopping people from meeting their goals:

👉short of time
👉massive ‘to do’ list
👉not following up leads
👉overwhelmed with emails
👉doing tasks they’re not so good at
👉working long hours
👉letting their family down as they’re always working
👉they don’t enjoy the tasks they are doing
👉not enough money to employ admin help
👉suffering anxiety
👉stressed out
👉can’t sleep
👉missed deadlines
👉cashflow issues – not getting new clients
👉not spending time on tasks that matter
👉can’t focus on what they do best
👉quality they deliver to their clients is suffering
👉not creating value


From experience I know that overwhelm can lead to anxiety and stress and you end up being demotivated, procrastinating and self-doubt sets in.

When this happens you have to remember your reason why! Why did you start up your business? For me, it was to be able to work flexibly around my children so I could spend as much quality time with them whilst they are young.children playing chess

We’ve all got different reasons but please come back to it. We all know there are only 24 hours in a day, but for me time is precious and it’s something we can’t get back.


You know you need help and to get that help you need to outsource specific tasks. Firstly, I totally understand that handing over your precious work can be daunting. It would be for anyone. At the end of the day, it’s a business that you’re building and it’s your reputation.

Working with you and providing business support as your virtual assistant I would be a key member of your team, taking care of your business as if it were my own. Your goals are my goals. Allowing me to work with you I can manage the pieces of your business, all the time draining admin tasks that you don’t want to do and action them for you. This will free up your time for you to do the important tasks that only you can do to grow your business.

I work flexibly so you can drop in and out whenever you want on an ad-hoc basis, or if you just want some one-off help with a specific project that’s what I’m here for or you can retain my time so you can work with me on a regular basis.


If you’re struggling to work out which tasks are draining your time download my 𝙁𝙍𝙀𝙀 easy to use that will also help you see which are the valuable tasks within your business.

Julia Reedshaw - let me help you reach your goalsIf you’ve any questions or would just like a chat to find out how I can help I offer a 𝙁𝙍𝙀𝙀 no obligation consultation. To fast track the growth of your business get in touch! You’ve nothing to lose💜 Email me jules@purplevioletva.com

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