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How you can get the routine admin stuff done

Things are finally going to plan!! Your business is growing and you now need to spend more time focusing your attention on the bigger and more important stuff. You want to develop a strategy, look at scaling growth and develop your clients too, but the little things are starting to fall through the cracks. You are just too busy to deal with the everyday, mundane tasks that support your business. The time has come and you realise you will need to find a virtual assistant to help you out with those routine and time consuming admin tasks.

Find a virtual assistant that is right for you

So how do you find a virtual assistant that is right for you?

When searching for a virtual assistant look for someone as if you were going to employ them in house, although they do not need to be local to you as they generally work from home and can service clients around the globe. This will ensure you find someone that will fit with your company culture and someone that can get the work done.

Next, scope out the work you know you need to do now. Write out a job description with the relevant tasks and responsibilities you need them to undertake, for example you want them to look after your email in box, or return customer calls or take responsibility for updating your website or scheduling your social media.

Document your immediate work load and elaborate on the skills needed for each task, e.g. phone communication, written communication etc. By doing this it may highlight areas where the candidate needs specific skills.  Then think what other things you could envisage your virtual assistant doing for you in months to come. Once they get to know you and your business is there an area you’d like them to look after? It could be that in six months’ time you may want your virtual assistant to move on from returning your customer calls to setting up a customer database and preparing for targeted marketing campaigns.

Plan for the future

Including a virtual assistant in your vision for the future will help you to find someone that is suited to your business and can grow with you long term.

Another area you need to consider is how you would prefer to work with your virtual assistant. Is it important that they work office hours so they can interact with your clients, or is it that the tasks that you have outlined can be completed on a flexible basis? How would you prefer to communicate with your virtual assistant? Is it by email, a Skype call or would you prefer to speak to them on the phone? It is important that whoever you choose that they are comfortable communicating with you in your preferred method.

Company values are important

The last area you should think about is your company values. What do you see as the culture and personality of your business? Make a list of some personal qualities you’d like your virtual assistant to have, ones that you can work with. For example, would you like someone that has a creative approach? Do you want someone that has excellent organisational skills? Do you want someone that is confident at communicating whether on the phone or in written format? Or someone that is able to work on their own initiative? It would be nice to have someone that fits a full list of criteria but not in reality. Try and identify 5 qualities that are absolutely necessary and then write them down.

With a little planning and forethought, you should now have a really helpful paper that will help you find your ideal virtual assistant.

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