Access to Work Scheme: How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Business Owners with ADHD

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For individuals with ADHD, staying organised and on task can be a significant challenge. In a professional setting, these difficulties can lead to missed deadlines, incomplete projects, and stress. However, with the help of a Virtual Assistant (VA) through the Access to Work scheme, business owners and entrepreneurs with ADHD can receive the support they need to manage their workload effectively.

What is Access to Work?

The Access to Work scheme is a government-funded program designed to help individuals with disabilities, mental conditions, or long-term health conditions start or remain in employment. The scheme offers a range of support options, including practical assistance, mental health management advice, and communication support.

If you are neurodivergent, which can include conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, or autism, you can apply for financial assistance. This may allow you to work alongside a Virtual Assistant to help with admin support, regardless of formal diagnosis.

Eligibility for the Access to Work

Eligibility for the Access to Work scheme is based on being aged 16 or over, living in England, Scotland, or Wales, and having a disability, mental condition, or long-term health condition that impacts your ability to work. Once eligibility is confirmed, you can apply for financial assistance to receive support tailored to your individual needs.

How can a Virtual Assistant help individuals with ADHD?

For those with ADHD, a Virtual Assistant can provide invaluable support with your daily work tasks by handling administrative tasks, such as scheduling, prioritiisng, and email management. By offloading these responsibilities, individuals with ADHD can focus on more critical aspects of their work, reducing distractions, and increasing productivity.

In addition to practical support, a Virtual Assistant can also offer emotional support, providing encouragement and motivation. This can be especially helpful for those with ADHD, who may feel isolated or overwhelmed by their condition.

How to apply for Access to Work support?

To apply for support through the Access to Work scheme, you must be either employed or self-employed, and your earnings do not affect your application. You can apply by calling the Access to Work helpline or completing an online application. To learn more about the Access to Work scheme and eligibility criteria, visit the website.

When making your application, it is essential to consider how a Virtual Assistant can help you, as you will be asked about the type of support you require. Once your application is approved, a Virtual Assistant can work with you to determine the level of support you need and provide ongoing assistance through the Access to Work programme.


How I Can Help

Lady stood with head over her face surrounded by arrows pointing all different directions. Access To Work As an Access to Work support worker, I understand the unique challenges that ADHD can bring and am experienced in working with business owners and entrepreneurs who have this condition. If you are eligible for support, I can provide you with the assistance you need to get things done, achieve your goals and make your life easier.

In conclusion, for individuals with ADHD, working with a Virtual Assistant through the Access to Work scheme can have numerous benefits. From practical support to emotional support and communication assistance, a VA can help individuals with ADHD overcome their challenges and succeed in their professional lives. If you are eligible for support, it’s essential to consider the benefits of working with a VA when making your Access to Work application.

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