Do you need help with your latest project? See how I handled my recent challenge!!

Have you faced a challenge in your business or personal life this week because you are short of time or because you aren’t an expert at the task in hand?

Happy Friday! Here’s to a stress free weekend!

Every day we all face challenges both in business and in our personal lives. Twice a year I have a personal challenge which, as the years are passing gets bigger and I’m expected to raise my bar!

The challenge is to produce a birthday cake to my children’s specification. Being Mummy, the fountain of all knowledge and fixer of everything that brings with it high expectations.

So yesterday was challenge day. I’d already had done the easy part, made my delicious chocolate Madeira cake, today was icing!! The theme Toy Story 4! Preparation with any project is key. I’d done the research, bought the icing etc and had the idea and a photo to refer to.

However, things don’t always go to plan, do they? One layer of the cake broke up as I was building my masterpiece?

What could I do to fix this? I didn’t have time to make another so I had to make the best of it. I pieced it back together with buttercream!

The next challenge was getting the fondant icing on this bumpy, disaster!!!

The fondant was not amenable as it should have been but I managed to roll it out and lay it over my cake!  I knew again the next part was going to be challenging and boy was it!! Due to the state of the sponge I couldn’t properly smooth it out. This was NOT going to end up like the image and idea I had.

Again I had to find a way!! I didn’t give up!  I kept going, tweaking and changing to get to the end result.

admin support for time short business ownersThe cake didn’t turn out perfect and it didn’t turn out to the design I imagined but I got a cake. I was disappointed as I like things to be done properly and to meet the high expectations requested of me. I worked at it and the beam on my little boy’s face when he saw it said I’d done my job. Mummy had come up trumps again!!

So the moral of the story is that in all paths of our lives there are going to be challenges, and even when we’ve done the research and all the preparations things don’t always go to plan. There are always going to be twists and turns. The key is to never give up! Never give up on your goals and dreams because at the point of giving up is usually the point we make it!

If you have a project that is challenging you, give me a call and find out how I can help you bring it to life. Call me on 07841711975 or email me jules@purplevioletva.com

P.S. The white on the cake is shimmer, not icing sugar.

business support for time short business owners, Wakefield VA

And here is Jack blowing out the candles!!