10 Ways to Keep Your Inbox Clean

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Hiring A Virtual Assistant

How You Can Get Routine Admin Stuff Done Things are finally going to plan!! Your business is growing and you now need to spend more time focusing your attention on the bigger and more important stuff – the money making tasks that only you can do. You want to develop a strategy, look at scaling … Continue Reading

5 Things To Help You Get Back Your Time

Being Busy Implies We Are Needed As a small business owner are you always too busy? No time to yourself? Being busy implies that we are needed and that we’re important, doesn’t it? This can only be good, can’t it? As we know, getting the balance right between our personal life and work is really … Continue Reading

Business Support: 6 Things I’ve Learnt!

Happy Birthday!! Happy 3rd Business Birthday To Purple Violet Business Support. What a journey it’s been!!! Having being unexpectedly thrown into redundancy after 15 years in my Corporate role I started my virtual assistant business in 2018. I could never have imagined the rocky road my business was going to take along the way. Starting … Continue Reading

Do You Keep Going Off Piste?

All Good Intentions As disciplined as we may think we are in getting our tasks completed I’m sure we are all guilty of going off piste! You set your tasks list for the day but somehow you are distracted. Your whole set of good intentions go out the window! Recently, even as a virtual assistant, I … Continue Reading

What is [Social Media] Support?

Have You Started Planning Your Social Media Content For 2021? As we’re heading to the end of 2020 I’m sure you’ll now be well on your way to planning your social media content for next year. Are you stressing over what you’ll post on your social media? Are you worried you won’t have time to get it … Continue Reading

13 Tips To Improve Your Time Management

Are you staying awake at night worrying about all the things you aren’t ticking off your  ‘to do’ list? Have you missed another important deadline? Were you late to your last meeting? Do you make promises to your customers that you  can’t keep? Are you always late finishing a project in the time scale you allocated? Does … Continue Reading

Case Study – Digital Organising

A local charity under goes change A local charity was undergoing a period of structural and organisational change with a view to streamlining the business and its procedures. I was engaged to provide my business support services to assist the Executive Director of the charity. She wanted to streamline and update the charity filing systems. This … Continue Reading