5 Questions To Ask When Looking For Business Insurance

Find Business Insurance Daunting?

I think understanding Business Insurance can be daunting. I remember starting out working in the world of Insurance quite some time ago.  It took some time to get through my training and get my head around it, all the different types of cover and rating guides etc. To people that haven’t been or aren’t closely involved in insurance, I’m sure it can seem a minefield.  Most people only have to consider insurance when they get a reminder to tell them their home and/or car cover is due for renewal.

Starting Your Own Business

So, what happens when you decide to start your own business? Insurance does then definitely become a bit more daunting with so much more to consider. This is when we often need to rely on an expert! We need people who fully understand the ins and outs of Business Insurance policies. As a business, we can be threatened by a number of risks and often we might not have a clue what they are let alone knowing what cover we might need.

Assessing Your Risk

The first step to getting the right cover for your business is by thinking about the potential risks you might face. This will help you to try and identify what types of things might hurt or damage your business. Once you’ve worked out your risks you are ready to find the relevant insurance cover.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The insurance covers your business will need will be dependent on your type of business and the industry you are in.  Also, you might legally need to have a certain type of cover. My advice would definitely be to speak to an insurance expert. Like they say ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, and getting the right insurance is important. Often people don’t realise this until something happens and they find out they aren’t covered.

Straightforward and Honest Advice

One broker I would definitely recommend for straightforward and honest advice is Edison Ives. Offering a friendly service, great customer service and value for money they will give you all the expert advice you need and if you need something a little different they can tailor a solution just to you. Give me a call and find out more.

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