Navigating Work Challenges with Access to Work: Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

In today’s professional landscape, diversity and inclusion are essential principles that drive innovation and progress. But how do individuals with disabilities or long-term health conditions get help to excel in their careers? This is where Access to Work can help. It can be a game-changer if you have challenges in your workplace you’d like to overcome.

Unlocking Possibilities: Access to Work GrantsWoman with disabilities sat in a wheelchair at a desk, typing on her laptop, empowered by the support of Access To Work

Access to Work offers a lifeline to individuals facing disability-related barriers in their work lives, whether self-employed or employed. Each grant is tailored to an individual’s unique circumstances. This ensures you receive the right support you need to stay in work.


Here’s how it can help:

  • Adapting Your Workplace: Access to Work can assist in making your workplace more accessible by providing aid and equipment. So, if you’ve always thought that having a particular piece of equipment could make your job much easier, this is your chance to get that help
  • Mobility Matters: If your disabilities rely on specialised equipment or you need assistance with travel, Access to Work can help you, whether it’s an adaption you need for your car or if using public transport is the only option then you could get help to cover your fares
  • Communication Solutions: When it comes to job interviews if you worry because you struggle with communication Access to Work can provide interpreters or other support to ensure you get through
  • In-Work Assistance: Practical assistance at work is a game-changer. Whether you need a job coach, a note taker or lip speakers, whatever it takes for you to perform your best at work help is available

Mental Health Support: Tailored to You

Mental health conditions should never be a barrier to your success and Access to Work recognises this. They offer support plans which they will customise to your needs. Their plans cover:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements: This can help you if you suffer mood changes and take medication and the impact it has on your working life
  • Mentorship: A mentor can provide additional support at work
  • Time Management: Sometimes, all you need is a bit more time to complete tasks
  • Skill Enhancement: Additional training opportunities to boost your skills and confidence
  • Open Dialogue: Regular meetings with your manager to discuss concerns, fostering a supportive work environment
  • Gradual Return: If you’ve been away from work, a phased return with reduced hours or days might be the perfect transition


No Fixed Amount: It’s All About You

Access to Work is all about flexibility. There is no set grant amount. The assistance you receive depends on your specific circumstances. It’s all about ensuring you have the resources necessary to thrive in your career, whether you’re self-employed or employed.

How to Take Action: Empower Your Career

Access to Work can collaborate with your employer. This will ensure you have the tailored support you need in your workplace, making your work life more accessible and manageable.

You can find out more about Access to Work here or call them on 0800 121 7420.

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