Why Planning Is Important

My biggest challenge

So I’m back to work this week after my lovely holiday with my precious babies.

We all have challenges whether it’s a challenge you are facing in your personal life or you can’t work out how to grow your business.

Incidentally I do worry about that ‘grow your business’ challenge as many of us do but I’d like to tell you about my most recent one which is very personal. Probably one of my biggest yet.

OMG My holiday is here!!!

Taking my kids on holiday was a MASSIVE challenge for me. You’re probably wondering why that would be.

Here’s why. This is the first time I’ve taken my 2 lovelies away on my own as a single Mum. Not just away, but to another country. The run up to my holiday was full of mixed emotion, mostly of anxiety and worry. Full of what if this happens, what if that doesnt happen, how will I do this? How will I do that. My head was a shed! I was thinking about stupid things like everytime one of us needed a wee we’d all have to go. What about when we go through the scanner at the airport, I’m going to be separated from them. What will I do? What will they do? Most importantly, what will someone else do!!! My head was a minefield of horror!!!

Everyone kept telling me it’ll be ok

grow your business, Wakefield, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Business SupportEveryone kept telling me it’ll be ok. But in my head I didn’t think it could be. I wasn’t so much worried about my 7 year old. One of my biggest fears was my youngest who is almost 4 doing a runner in Manchester airport, next to that was someone kidnapping my beautiful blond and blue eyed boy or both of them drowning! I know totally ridiculous. I definitely know that now as we all survived and had an amazing time and I can’t wait for next time.

Everyone was right. None of these things happened to me. In fact, I had no stress or anxiety for the whole time I was away, just a little bit of an issue in the airport coming home, which I’ll tell you about in a minute, cos everyone loves a bit of drama don’t they. My holiday with my children was a piece of cake and actually not a challenge at all when I look back on it now.

Alleviating my anxiety

I had advice from my friends before going and they kept checking in on me whilst I was away, supporting me all the way.

I did my best to take some of the stress away by planning ahead. Instead of getting the kids up in the middle of the night for the drive to Manchester airport, I decided to book into an airport hotel for the night before. Our flight was at 8.45am next morning so getting up early would have potentially meant a lot of grumpiness and potential meltdowns from my littlelegs. This added to the adventure for them. So Friday afternoon we set off to Manchester. I took them to the Trafford Centre where they’d never been before, and they chose where they’d like to have tea.  They were both amazed at the food court, being on a cruise ship, all the lovely decorated walkways to the restaurants. They were now very excited for their holiday.

Planning is key

One of my initial worries was dragging my suitcase and keeping holding of my kids, dragging their little cases without losing them. My friend lent me her case with 4 wheels, what a god send! I planned my travel clothes including my shoes. Anyone who knows me, will know I like my heels!! I’d already decided on only taking one pair of wedges. I’d usually wear them to save weight in the case, but not on this occasion. I KNEW I’d get to security and they’d ask me to take my shoes off. So I wore my flipflops. We sailed through security. Even my worry about going through the scanner was laid to rest. The lady who helped us through sat my kids infront of the scanner so I could see them.  Phew we were through!!!!

I’d taken snacks for the kids so I didn’t have to find somewhere to eat in the airport and be worrying about whether we’d get to the gate on time. All these little steps helped.

It had all been going so well!!!!!

So I did have a little hiccup on the challenge front. Well it wasn’t really a challenge, probably more of a large inconvenience in the scheme of things. At the airport on our return I got to the front of the queue. The dreaded weigh in!!! Even though we all were provided with a baggage allowance of 15kg each, I could only take 1 case of 23kg. Guess what it was over by 3kg.  How could this be?  We’d not really brought much tat back with us. Arrrggghhhh. It had all been going so well. I ended up, along with another family sat on the airport floor emptying my case. I chucked some stuff in the bin, put my shoes in my handbag and voila 22kg!! Phew we could make our way home.

Helping you face your challenges

So what’s the point of this story?

We all face challenges, and have anxieties everyday which are mostly unfounded, but with some planning and support we can get through them and come out smiling at the other side.

Whatever your challenge, especially if it is that big how will you grow your business, the point is you can get through them with help and support.

Maybe you are overwhelmed in your business. Things are going well but you’re not realising your business goals. You’d like to grow your business but don’t know how to move forward? There is help out there for you.

Working alone can be a challenge in itself.  No one to have a laugh with, no one to bounce your ideas off. There is help out there. I can help you. I love to help people. I love to see people succeed. I love to help people do what they love to do.

Arrange a free 1 hour discovery call and find out how I can help you 07841711975 or alternavely drop me a line at jules@purplevioletva.com

Imagine having someone to manage your business whilst you are doing what you love, doing the tasks that only you can do to build your business and reach all your business goals.