5 Things To Help You Get Back Your Time

Being Busy Implies We Are Needed

As a small business owner are you always too busy? No time to yourself?

Being busy implies that we are needed and that we’re important, doesn’t it?

This can only be good, can’t it?

As we know, getting the balance right between our personal life and work is really important. Being a busy Mum I can relate to this and know that not getting it right can affect our mental and physical health. So, how do we know we’ve got the balance, right?

When You Know The Balance Is Right

Small Business owner putting hand through a clock

Getting the right balance means that you are happy with how you spend your time.

Happy that you not only spend time at work doing the things you love and enjoy but, also know that you also spend time outside of work with the people you love and doing the stuff you love!

When we get the balance right, we’re more productive, we’re more effective, and we’re looking after our well being as opposed to feeling exhausted, stressed, being disconnected from family and friends and heading for burnout, which is definitely not what we need.


Here are 5 things that’ll help you get your time back:

Track your time. Knowing where you spend your time means you can prioritise your tasks and find out which tasks draining your time

Do the tasks you least want to do first and get it done. Schedule the rest of your tasks

Set time boundaries and stick to them. Schedule in time for doing the stuff you love and for family and friends. DON’T feel guilty, after all this is why you work for yourself, isn’t it?

Schedule time to yourself every day. Take a walk, read a book, or do some gentle exercise

Take one step at a time and form a daily habit. Change one task, then move to the heat once you’ve cracked it. Keep at it!! Everything takes time, and taking small steps keeps the momentum and your business moving forward

As a small business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. So, if you need help working out which tasks are draining your time, I have an easy to use ???? tool that whittles out the mundane tasks that take you away from the important stuff. It also highlights the valuable tasks too, the tasks where you should be putting your effort, the ones that’ll bring in the money.

You can download it here

If you’re still struggling and need some business support please get in touch and find out how I can help.

There are many valuable benefits in outsourcing your admin so let’s chat. I offer a free 1 hour consultation where we can chat through what tasks are getting in the way of you moving your business forward and find a flexible solution to free up your time.

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