Social Media Strategy. Increased Engagement & Visibility

A Pivotal Study

Optimising your social media strategy in this digital era is crucial to make your mark.

A pivotal study by Neil Patel examined 2,384,083 social media posts which offered vital insights aiming to optimise social media strategy for increased engagement and visibility.

Study Insights and How To Use Them Strategically

The study shows that content length and how often you post are important on different platforms.

  • Instagram: Ideal reel lengths are 11-17 seconds for entertainment and 38-51 for educational content, with a recommended posting frequency of 1-2 times per day
  • LinkedIn: Short videos should last 40-46 seconds, reflecting the platform’s professional audience, with daily posts advised
  • TikTok: Videos should be 18-31 seconds for entertainment and 42-54 seconds for educational content, with 1-3 posts daily
  • YouTube: The optimal video length is around 7 minutes and 9 seconds, with a suggested mix of one short and one long-form video daily
  • Facebook: Despite the extensive analysis, clear patterns for Facebook were elusive, indicating a need for further research

Effective Social Media Strategy Implementation

  • Create a content calendar based on these insights to maintain consistency and strategic alignment
  • Prioritise content quality, ensuring your posts are engaging and valuable to your audience
  • Regularly review analytics to refine your strategy, tailoring content to audience preferences and platform trends

Customising a Personalised Approach

Customising your approach to fit your brand and adjusting based on feedback and data will improve your social media impact, even with a study as a starting point.

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