How much will it really cost you to employ an Admin Assistant?

the cost of an admin assistant purplevioletva.comAre you thinking of employing an admin assistant?

You ARE thinking of hiring admin assistant. Your routine daily admin tasks are stressing you out. You’re a small business owner and can’t keep up with your daily paperwork yourself. It’s a real bind and you really should be focusing on bringing in new clients but you just haven’t got the time!! Solution –  get an admin assistant in.

How much is it going to cost you?

It should be simple to work out how much it is going to cost you right? You either work out the annual salary or you’ll calculate the hourly rate.

Hang on a minute!! That’s not quite right is it? What about all the hidden costs? Have you really thought about any extra costs that you most likely will need to include in your calculations? What was your budget for your new member of staff?

You’ve thought long and hard and made the decision and worked out how much you think you are going to pay your new employee. Let’s say you’ve settled on £15,000 per year and they are going to work a 37 hour week.

Let’s think about what else you might need to include.You’ll definitely need to make allowance for paying their National Insurance Contributions.

Something else you’ll need to think about too, out of their 37 hour week how many productive hours are they likely to work during the year? What about the holiday allowance you will give them? They might also take time off sick, and we know some people like to swing the lead! You may also want to ensure they stay up to date with their skills and send them on one or more training courses. What about their down times when they are being unproductive? There’ll be toilet breaks, you might have them making the coffee and then there’ll be socialising on the way to wherever they might be sauntering to. You will probably also need to allow for time surfing the net too.

Did your figures stack up?

Suddenly things are starting to look a little different, aren’t they? Your £15,000 a year salary is now beginning to be a bit more than you anticipated. The £7.80 an hour for 37 hours a week that you had budgeted for is now substantially more than you budgeted for.

If you look at it now, your £15,000 a year employee has almost doubled in cost to nearly £28,000 a year, the equivalent of £14.51 per hour!!!

What about the other benefits that might make the cost even higher? Will you be offering something as simple as a free cuppa?

Find out the true cost of adding a permanent member to your team

Why not test out your own figures and find out from this handy calculator exactly how much it will cost you to employ someone.

Now ask yourself whether it is really necessary to employ a permanent admin assistant? Would it be more beneficial to you and your business to outsource to a virtual assistant?  A virtual assistant is a cost effective solution to an ongoing daily struggle. You can dip in an out to their services on an ad hoc basis as and when you need it. Get in touch today and find out how I can help.